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    ELOTEST IS500 Box - for crack testing

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    ELOTEST IS500 - subsequent teaching with "RetroTeach

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    ELOTEST IS500 Box - microstructure and sorting testing with "Multilot"

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    ELOTEST IS500 - the display convinces with sharpness and brilliance

For crack testing and/or multi-frequency material testing directly in the production line

The ELOTEST IS500 is characterized by a dynamic range of 96 dB (digital) over a frequency range from 10 Hz to 12 MHz and a fully digital signal processing chain on the AF side (after demodulation) with 10 kHz bandwidth and fast multiplex capability of 32 kHz multiplex rate (sensor to sensor). Up to 8 sensors per channel can be connected via an external multiplexer. A maximum of 2 test channels can be used for crack and/or microstructure testing. The display convinces by sharpness and brilliance. This is done digitally: the display of an analog picture tube is simulated with adjustable afterglow duration and offers precise representations of the test results.

ELOTEST IS500 19“ –
Digital eddy current testing for the metalworking industry

This device type has the same performance data as the ELOTEST IS500/Box device, but is supplied in a 19″ version for integration into existing cabinets.
Main features:
• for crack and/or microstructure testing
• distance compensation
• multiplex operation
• sorting channel module with “Bubble Gate”
• microstructure and sorting testing with “Multilot”
• subsequent teaching with “RetroTeach”
• FastSort option
• Mix function