• 450

    ELOTEST M3 – light and small in dimension

  • 300

    ELOTEST M3 - great in performance

  • 536

    ELOTEST M3 – ideal for difficult work

light and small in size – large in performance

The ELOTEST M3 has the same performance data as the world’s smallest full eddy current tester ELOTEST M2 V3 – only with a considerably larger display.
• high-resolution screen, daylight compatible
• ideal for difficult work
• complete frequency range from 10 Hz to 12 MHz
• all filter functions – low pass, high pass, bandpass (optimized special filter for rotor operation)
• large gain range
• 2-frequency operation, independently adjustable (1 sensor)
• pictogram-guided operation via 10 keys (double compensation)
• all commercially available sensors can be connected
• equipped as standard for rotor operation
The ELOTEST M3 is used by our customers for manual testing of surfaces, bores and concealed structures as well as for measuring conductivities and layer thicknesses.