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    EloWheel 1000 - rim test rig

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    EloWheel 1000 - fast test speed

EloWheel 1000 –
rim test rig

With the EloWheel 1000, aircraft rims up to a diameter of 1000 mm and a maximum weight of 250 kg can be tested. The associated EloWheel software visualizes the eddy current signals in such a way that the test results can be reliably evaluated. A comparison of historical and current data as well as the flexibility for fast individual or series tests are possible thanks to the user-friendliness of the inspection mechanics.
The system meets the technical and business test requirements with regard to defect resolution and throughput:
• fast test speed of up to 120 rpm for smaller wheels
• precise linear guidance with a high-quality axis motor control enables vibration-free probe guidance
• double testing of surface and interior possible with a double test probe
• optional: drilling tests are carried out semi-manually for the individual bolt bores

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