• 847

    QutEC.mini - Universal grinding burn and crack testing of cylindrical parts

  • 875

    QutEC.sbc - Crack testing station

  • 878

    QutEC.sort.HAT - Universal testing system for quality assurance

  • 788

    QutEC.sort.HAT - Universal testing system for quality assurance

  • 789

    QutEC.sort.LIGHT - Mobile testing system for quality assurance

  • 790

    QutEC.sort.LIGHT - Mobile testing system as permanent workstation

  • 606

    QutEC-sbc_array - Eddy current array testing of copper profiles

  • 884

    QutEC.TB.mini - Grinding burn testing on engine components

  • 608

    QutEC.delta.S – Coating thickness measurement

  • 610

    QutEC.ABS - Quality assurance of chassis components

  • 613

    QUTec.Array - Pore detection on PMMA discs for dental implants

Products and Applications

CNS GmbH manufactures high-quality machines and systems for non-destructive material testing.
From the first inquiry to the finished application, we offer you everything from a single source. In doing so, we specifically address your requirements and support you in decisively improving the quality of your products.
With our products of the QUTEC series we can realize individual solutions. Some examples can be found here.
The areas of application of our products include the following areas:

  • Surface crack testing on rolling elements (QutEC.mini), copper profiles (QutEC.sbc.array), chain wheels (QutEC.sbc)
  • Monitoring of thermal damage / grinding burn (QutEC.mini)
  • Monitoring of heat treatment conditions / hardness testing (QutEC.sort.HAT)
  • High-precision coating thickness measurement of ferromagnetic coatings on ferromagnetic base material (QutET.delta.S)

In addition to the production of testing systems / automatic machines, we develop adapted testing devices (TUNE.sort), sensors (TUNE.coil) and software.