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    ELOTEST M2 V3 – small and light

small and light

The ELOTEST M2 V3 is a universal eddy current tester for surfaces, holes and concealed structures. The M2 V3 is the lightest instrument on the market and features true one-hand operation. It measures the conductivity of non-ferromagnetic materials as well as the layer thickness of non-conductive layers on all conductive materials. The dual frequency test with signal mix for suppressing interference effects can be used in the complete test frequency range from 10 Hz to 12 MHz. It has all filter functions (LP, HP, BP) for signal optimization for static and dynamic tests. The sharp LCD display with LED illumination on the rear guarantees an optimal display of the test signals. Integrated calibration bodies simplify and accelerate work on site. With all our test devices, the focus is on user-friendliness: a clearly structured keypad with clear function assignment and plain text messages for a safe test sequence – operable with just one hand!