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    Draisine WPG D340 - the eddy current on the rail

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    EloRail Draisine WPG D340 - in case

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    EloRail Draisine WPG D340

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    EloRail Draisine WPG D340 - ultralight carbon-carbon fiber construction

Draisine WPG D340 –
the eddy current on the rail

The Rohmann trolley was specially developed to detect and evaluate cracks at the rail edge, so-called head checks. Thanks to its ultra-light carbon-carbon fibre construction, the system can be operated by one man and lifted off the track in a matter of seconds. Four special sensors sliding on the surface check a range of 24 mm and can be adjusted to 20 different positions. The patented magnetic guide keeps the entire system stable on the track, even in elevated curves, without any mechanical clamps. Only this guide system makes it possible to inspect rails in turnout systems without interruption. The specially developed EloRail software is easy to operate and can be adjusted to different testing tasks. The test can be followed directly on the optional outdoor notebook and special events such as welds or insulation joints can be marked at the touch of a button.
The Draisine WPG 340 eddy current testing system has been the official test equipment of DB Netz AG since March 2011.

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