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    ELOTEST PL500Q - the eddy current testing system

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    ELOTEST PL500Q - for use during production

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    ELOTEST PL500Q - enormous test speed

the eddy current testing system for use during production

The ELOTEST PL500 is the fastest instrument in its class on the market. It is the first eddy current tester in the new “Specially Designed for Inline Testing” family:
• 19″ industrial housing with 4 HE
• up to 16 channels can be added as standard
• besides test channel modules, distance compensation and multiplex modules as well as various I/O modules are available
• dynamics of 96 dB (digital) over the entire frequency range from 10 Hz to 12 MHz
• latest digital signal processing technology on the NF side with 100 kHz bandwidth
• fast multiplex capability from 32 kHz (sensor to sensor) up to a maximum of 32 sensors / per channel
• enormous testing speed as well as very high sensitivity and low noise
• exact resolution
• simple integration in customer systems through support of current I/O concepts on a bus basis (e.g. professional bus)
• customer-specific system interfaces can be easily implemented

Q-Module –
Modern multi-frequency testing

The Q-module secures and simplifies multi-frequency sorting testing. With up to eight test frequencies, a “fingerprint” of the learned good parts is created. A comparison immediately shows deviations in material, heat treatment or other electromagnetically detectable workpiece properties. The Q-sorting channel module was developed for automatic, self-learning microstructure and sorting testing with up to 8 frequencies.
• 8 time-division multiplexed test frequencies from 10 Hz – 150 kHz
• digital full wave demodulation for highest precision and stability
• test point determination in 1.5 wave trains per frequency
• self-learning “BubbleGate” evaluation thresholds
• sequential control of different inspection positions with external multiplexer
• guided learning of good parts
• sorting of up to 8 good batches (“MultiLot”)
• subsequent teaching of good batches (“RetroTeach”)
• integrated interface and programmable control logic for sorting switches and plants